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Two-day desert vacation in Israel

cabins in the desert israel

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We love the desert and after a few trips up to the north, we decided to head south for a two days desert vacation in Israel. The wanted to stay in a place that feels connected to nature and the desert, so we decided to go to ‘Desert Days’ in Moshav Tzukim in the Arava.

The destination is quite far away, two hours and forty-five minutes’ drive, so we had to stop on the way to eat and freshen up. We decided to stop at a place called ‘Hashmura 215’ a sort of food truck at the entrance of the Pura nature reserve.  A really cute place with lots of seating and a view of the beautiful green fields of the reserve. Most importantly, we ordered a shakshuka sandwich and it was delicious, rich, and filling.

After a long drive, we reached the desired destination. In the middle of the desert, we arrived at a small parking lot from which there are entrances to several hosting complexes. A driver with a golf car arrived to pick us up and took us directly to our cabin. ‘Desert day’ ecolodge includes a swimming pool and a big ‘Zula’ (common area) area with lots of seating and a huge kitchen for the guest to use. The entire complex is eco-friendly and the cabins are built of hay and mud bricks.

We got the beautiful ‘Sarah” cabin (one of the ‘End-cabins’). The cabin consisted of a spacious living room, double bed, shower and toilet, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with fridge, outdoor dining table, hammock, an outdoor small tub, and a place for a bonfire with plenty of wood logs (and of course an air conditioner and fireplace for the cold winter days). All of this with a view of the open landscape of the desert.

Apart from our private outdoor tub, the place also had a large (half-shaded) pool with loads of laying space and fun outdoor furniture for the comfort of all guests.

The complex also offers a beautiful cozy ‘Zula’ with low tables, rugs and mattresses, games, and books for guests to use. and a large fully equipped kitchen.

Breakfast is available for pre-order. The meal arrives at around 8 am in a cooler filled with dips, spreads, bread, cheese, muesli, juice, and eggs (which you prepare in the outdoor kitchen). Even washing the dishes is fun in the face of this crazy landscape.

As soon as you arrive at this place, a vibe of calmness takes over. We just felt like we didn’t want to leave. We recommend ‘Desert Days’ to those who want to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect to nature and simplicity.

For booking, click here: Desert days 

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