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Most elegant hotel in tel aviv

most elegant hotel in tel aviv

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Today Israel is officially open for tourists, so if you are planning a trip to Tel Aviv, we highly recommend staying at ‘Hotel Montifiore’. This Hotel is one of the most beautiful and chic hotels in Tel Aviv. The hotel resides in an impressive 1920’s building and as soon as you get inside you feel a luxury boutique vibe, a perfect escape from the bustling city.

The Room

The rooms are spacious, with high ceilings, decorated in a classic European style, and each room has a huge library with carefully selected books (in English and Hebrew) and a private sun terrace with a seating area.

The Restaurant

Dinner – The excellent ‘Hotel Montefiore’ restaurant, located in the hotel’s lobby, offers a French menu with Vietnamese touches in a lively atmosphere. The restaurant is also open for non-guests for lunch and dinner. We recommend taking a few entrees and sharing them. We really liked the Jerusalem artichoke dish and the tortellini dish.

Breakfast – Breakfast is served only to the hotel’s guests. We got lucky and woke up to a rainy and wintry morning that completed the European atmosphere and made it no less than perfect. We chose the classic breakfast from the menu and got eggs, tomatoes salad, a cheese platter, and a basket of fresh pastries.

Montefiore Hotel – 36 Montefiore st. Tel Avov

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