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Our pick of the 5 best boutique hotels in Madrid

best boutique hotels in Madrid

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One of the best things about Madrid is that it has a huge selection of designed hotels at affordable prices. Before our last vacation in Madrid, we searched for a hotel that would be in a good location and has an elegant and unique design, we found a few hotels that checked all the boxes:

Only YOU Boutique Hotel

This is the hotel we stayed in on our vacation. We chose it mainly because of its special design and location. The hotel is close to the park and not in a too touristy area but close to all the main streets. In addition, the hotel has a small Thai-style spa and the breakfast was excellent.

TÓTEM Madrid

A luxury hotel with a contemporary design, located inside a renovated building from the 19th century in the prestigious Salamanca neighborhood. Not far from El Retiro Park. The hotel has a gym, cocktail bar, and restaurant.


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BLESS Hotel Madrid

The most special hotel in Madrid. Located in the Salamanca neighborhood, in a historic building. The hotel has a rooftop pool, bowling alleys in the lobby, and a cool restaurant.

One Shot Recoletos 04

An affordable elegant hotel in the Salamanca neighborhood.


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H10 Puerta de Alcalá

A cool hotel with a beautiful lobby and a rooftop pool.

ICON Wipton

A designed hotel in the beautiful streets of the Salamanca neighborhood.



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