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Finland travel guide

Airbnb Villa in Kokkola finland

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Finland was always on our list, but we always thought that the best time to travel in Finland is the winter, and the only way to do it is by an extreme trip in the northern part of Finland – Lapland. Well, we were wrong 🙂 Finland is a wonderful destination during the summer and autumn, with its beautiful landscape of massive amount of lakes. We had time for a short trip, only five days, and with the direct flights between Helsinki and Tel Aviv, Finland makes a great option for a short getaway 🙂 here is our travel guide to Finland:


Hotel F6 – Helsinki

We had two full days in Helsinki. We decide to stay at the new and trendy boutique hotel F6, and it did not disappoint! the location is right in the heart of the city, walking distance to everything! (we did not use any public transportation while we were there), because the city is relatively small. The design is beautiful and unique, the rooms are very well decorated and spacious, and it includes a nice breakfast at the beautiful hotel’s cafe.

Hotel F6 
Address: Fabianinkatu 6, 00130 Helsinki, Finland

Old Market Hall – Helsinki

Five minutes’ walk from Hotel F6 we found the market square with many vendors selling fresh Finnish food and local souvenirs. The old market hall is a building right near the square, with a very large and delicious variety of Finnish gourmet delicacies in a beautiful old hall. We tried raw fish on a slice of Finnish rye bread and salmon soup. Old Market hall

Paulig Kulma

After visiting the markets, we decided to go on a walk at the main shopping street (Aleksanterinkatu st.), when we spotted Paulig cafe, we knew we had to have a cup of coffee there 🙂 Paulig Kulma

International grand market

The international grand market offer delicacies from all over the world, each booth presents a different country, so the food choices here are endless! we tried the banana and strawberry dipped in chocolate at the German booth. International grand market

Kampi mall

Right next to the International grand market we found Kampi mall, which is the best place to do shopping in Helsinki. It also has beautiful restaurants 🙂 Kampi shopping center

Temppeliaukio church

We stumbled upon this church on our way to our next spot, we were mesmerized by the site, so we had to check it out. This is a very unusual church, built directly into solid rock, it is also known as the church of the rock. The church has a copper dome ceiling that allows the natural light to enter. This church is stunning! Temppeliaukio church

Cafe Regatta

This place is a must on your Helsinki trip! Cafe regatta resides in a beautiful, small, red traditional Finnish cottage right by the sea in Töölö neighborhood. The interior has a vintage wooden Finnish design, which is very cozy, especially while drinking a hot blackcurrant juice. Cafe Regatta

Suomenlinna sea fortress

Helsinki is surrounded by small islands, one of them is Suomenlinna, a sea fortress. Ferries from market square leave all day long (30 minutes boat ride), and you can combine it with other islands such as Lonna and Vallisaari. This fortress by the sea is breathtaking. Suomenlinna sea fortress

Finlandia Caviar

We were hungry on our way back from the island so we entered the first place that we saw after arriving back to the Market square. Finlandia Caviar was on our list, so we were glad to see it! this restaurant offers the best caviar we have ever tasted, we highly recommend it! we tried the ‘Helsinki menu’ and the caviar on truffle egg. Finlandia Caviar

Nokka restaurant

For our first dinner, we have made reservations at Nokka, which is a highly rated restaurant, located in a beautiful red bricks building. The interior, atmosphere, and service were perfect. we tried the ‘Menu Nokka’ and the ‘Menu green’ which are set tasting menus, the green menu is vegetarian. The food did not disappoint and was absolutely delicious! Nokka restaurant

Linnanmaki theme park

We diced to spend our second day at the Helsinki theme park – Linnanmaki. The park is beautiful and has many rides for children and adults as well. The park offers several entrance options: you can enter without a ticket and pay only for the rides you want, or pay for limitless use of all the rides in the Park. They also have a few free rides 🙂 we enjoyed the roller coasters and the scenery very much, especially because it was a very sunny day. Linnanmaki park

Ravintola Merimakasiini

Sunday in Helsinki means that almost all of the restaurants and shops are closed, which was a little disappointing, especially when we arrived to Hakaniemi market hall only to find out that it was closed. But not to worry, right next to the closed market we have found a great restaurant called Merimakasiini. It is located right on the sea dock and has a maritime atmosphere, which was fun. We have tried the Crustacean royal platter which was huge! and the bouillabaisse, all were delicious. Ravintola Merimakasiini

Andante Cafe

After the huge meal, we strolled through the streets of Helsinki back to our hotel, where we stumble upon this beautiful hipster cafe. The place offers quality cafe and raw cakes (great for vegans). Adante Cafe

Goodio Cafe

Goodie cafe is located in the same beautiful red brick building as Nokka restaurant. This building has many restaurants and cafes, and it’s located by the marina, so it is very beautiful. Goodio Cafe

Zetor bar

Zetor is restaurant-bar that served traditional Finnish dishes, with a countryside designed, rustic tables and tractors 🙂 we were there on a Sunday, so it was quite empty 🙂 Zetor

Porvoo old town

We started our Finland road trip by renting a car in Helsinki and visited the old town of Porvoo, which is only 45 minutes drive from Helsinki. The town is beautiful and has many small cottages with shops, cafes, and galleries. Porvoo old town

Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän

We spent our first night outside Helsinki in this gorgeous resort. The place is located by Lake Saimaa, next to Linnansaari national park. The property merges with nature with its wooden design. It also has a breathtaking Spa complex with indoor and outdoor pools and many saunas. The hotel is located three and a half hours’ drive from Helsinki.

Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän
Address: Porosalmentie 313, 58900 Rantasalmi, Finland

Airbnb Villa in Kokkola

For our last night, we wanted to try an Airbnb cabin by the sea. We chose a villa in Kokkola. This place was even better in person than it was in the photos. Large villa, stylish interior, three-bedroom (great for six people), outdoor Jacuzzi, indoor Sauna(!), small wooden cabin by the sea to have a bonfire, everything was perfect for our last night in Finland. The villa is located six hours’ drive from Helsinki. Link to the Villa (you can book any Airbnb with a 150ILS discount through this link).



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