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Bushwick’s new brunch

brunch Bushwick Tel Aviv

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Bushwick at Fabric Hotel is a restaurant bar that operates all day, from the coffee in the morning till the cocktail at night, and the meals vary according to the hour (we just love restaurants with a bar atmosphere!).
We arrived at noon on a rainy day and Bushwick was the perfect setting for such a day. The sofas, carpets and the bright colors are so pleasant when it rains outside. Most importantly, the temperature was perfect. When it was cold outside, it was warm and pleasant inside (something that is hard to find in Tel Aviv, in most places we find ourselves sitting down to eat with a clumsy coat …).

We came to try the new brunch that is served every day from 11:30 to 17:00 and on Saturday from 12:00 to 17:00.
We recommend starting the brunch with small openings that come with bread and butter. Each plate is very tasty and full of flavors.
The main dishes we ordered were toasted brioche with scrambled eggs, parmesan cheese, and bresaola, so delicious! And baked avocado with a soft egg and salmon, a special dish for avocado lovers.
We finished with a perfect chocolate cake, surprising in taste and texture!

In short, we definitely recommend to come and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and delicious food 🙂


Address: 28 Nahalat Binyamin, Tel Aviv

Fabric hotel Tel Aviv




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