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Our top Tel Aviv recommendations

המלצות למסעדות וברים

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We are so excited that the restaurants have re-opened. So we have put together a list with all of our recommendations of places in Tel Aviv and beyond for you to use 🙂  so let’s get started!

Best Restaurants for Lunch:

  • La Shuk
  • Cafe Europa
  • Ahachim

Recommendations for brunch in Tel Aviv:

  • Elena Restaurant at the Norman Hotel
  • Abie (for those who love fish)
  • Cafe Popular

Recommended Italian restaurants in Tel Aviv:

  • Toto (currently closed for renovations)
  • Hess 4
  • Magazino

Our favorite Asian restaurants:

  • Dinings (at the Norman Hotel, currently temporary closed)
  • Taizu
  • Mina Tomei

Recommended restaurants outside Tel Aviv:

  • 1910 – Italian restaurant in the north (Degania A.)
  • Rona in the kibbutz (in the Kibbutz Schiller group)
  • Gouje and Daniel
  • Muma Restaurant near Jerusalem (Kiryat Anavim)
  • Rotenberg (in Naharaim)
  • Cafe Zahara (Ein Carmel)

Recommendations for a place with a light dinner in a pleasant atmosphere:

  • Beit Kandinof
  • Emesh
  • Social Club

Recommended restaurants for Saturday’s lunch:

  • Milgo and Malbar
  • Claro
  • Manta Ray
  • Gucha

Best breakfasts in Tel Aviv:

  • Cafe Popular
  • Breakfast at the White villa hotel
  • Cucu Coffee
  • Breakfast at the Lighthouse Hotel
  • Dizengoff Cafe
  • Elena’s Breakfast at the Norman Hotel

The best cocktail bars in Tel Aviv:

  • Bell Boy (currently temporary closed)
  • Bushwick (currently temporary closed)
  • Mushu (below the Hanoi Cafe restaurant)

Recommended restaurants for healthy food:

  • Anastasia
  • Cafe Hamaniya
  • Citizen Cafe

Recommendations for a fun day in Tel Aviv:

  • Walk around Old Jaffa and Neve Tzedek, continue to the Carmel Market and taste all the great street food stands there and end with a visit to the beach.

The best time to visit Tel Aviv:

  • April – May
  • October-November

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