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The Drisco Hotel, a piece of history in TLV

Best hotels in Tel Aviv - The Drisco Hotel

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The Drisco is a beautiful hotel resides in a historic building, built in 1886 by two Amercian brothers – the Drisco brothers, and was the first luxury hotel in Jaffa (back then it was called the Jerusalem hotel).

We have seen pictures of the hotels before, but once we stepped in the entrance, we saw that it looks even better in real life. The lobby is stunning with a unique design that preserves the authenticity of the original design, felt like we have gone back in time 🙂 there was also a very warm atmosphere walking around the hotel.

The hotel offers a buffet breakfast at its restaurant – George & John, which is also open to non-guests. There was a rich selection of cheeses, bread, salads, pies and more, you can also have a choice of a main dish from the breakfast menu. There is also the option of eating breakfast outside in a beautiful backyard.

The hospitality and the service are exceptional and very professional, the hotel is a part of the Leading Hotels of the World, and we understood why 🙂
We also got to see a few rooms and suites in the hotel, each has a unique design, no rooms is exactly the same:
The hotel is located in the southern part of Tel Aviv right next to hip and upcoming neighborhoods such as Noga, Florentin, and Jaffa’s flea market. Walking in the neighborhoods was fun and we discovered beautiful areas of the beautiful Amercian colony neighborhood.

To book the hotel, Click here: The Drisco Hotel
Address: 4-6 Auerbach St. Tel Aviv-Jaffa



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