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Dk’s Chocolate Balls

Dk’s Chocolate Balls

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Who doesn’t like chocolate balls? we definitely do 🙂 so how happy we were to discover Dk’s Chocolate balls, handmade by Dikla, a truly talented Tel Avivan girl, a lawyer by day confectioner by night. It all started a year and a half ago when her friend asked her to make her chocolate balls. The chocolate balls came out good, but she thought they can be better, she then tried and experimented with her own ideas and created unique chocolate balls like no other has ever made. With time she added more flavors and even vegan balls. At first, only her friends purchased the balls, but the word got out and the rest is history.

Well, we tried these balls and they were delicious! we exceptionally like the cheesecake balls 🙂 we could feel that each chocolate ball was made with love and attention to details 🙂

At the moment, the balls are only available for delivery in Tel Aviv. You can order through her Instagram / Facebook accounts or find them on Fortune cafe on 280 Dizengoff St. The chocolate comes in a beautifully wrapped gift box, so it is a great choice as a gift for dinner with friends, or to give to your loved ones on Valentine day 🙂



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