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The Setai Sea of Galilee Hotel

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For our birthday we were looking for an indulging hotel to suit the festivities. Because we wanted to stay one night we preferred not to go abroad. We’ve already been to a lot of hotels in Israel, so the search was difficult. After many recommendations from our followers, we decided to book a night at the ‘Setai Sea of Galilee‘ hotel with our husbands. We chose to stay in rooms with a private pool because we were afraid that the pool would be crowded because it was the month of July 🙂

After a two hour drive, we reached the hotel’s entrance, which covers a huge area filled with two-story buildings and private villas. From the entrance you could see the high level of design, the place looked very luxurious and exclusive. We entered a stunning lobby with high ceilings and charming receptionists. We arrived at 2 PM and got the rooms immediately.

The rooms can be reached by small golf carts, but because our rooms were relatively close to the lobby, we walked. The rooms were very large, just like apartments and carefully decorated. The private pool was simply perfect with a direct view of the Sea of Galilee without dividers. A bottle of wine, fruits, and bottles of mineral water were waiting in the room – small treats that make the difference.

What is really different and special about this hotel is its proximity to nature. Because these are small villas and not a large building, all rooms are close to the ground and the coastline. The hotel also has a private beach right by the pool. We were afraid that the place would be crowded, but it was not so, the atmosphere was very relaxed and chilled with a feeling of real luxury, even though it was July.

The hotel has many bicycles for guests to use. Besides the lobby and pool, the hotel also has a dairy bar and restaurant located in a stunning lounge with high ceilings, where you can eat during the day. There is also a dining room where breakfast and dinner are served. Breakfast was excellent with a great variety of dishes. We had dinner outside the hotel in the excellent 1910 Restaurant.

Next to the main building is the spa – a beautiful space with an indoor pool, gym, sauna, hammam, and treatment rooms.

During the day we simply lay in the beds spread out all over the hotel and swam in the pools, it was just perfect! We enjoyed it so much that we didn’t want to leave. The hotel is not cheap but worth the price, at least for special occasions like a birthday 🙂 To book The Setai Sea of Galilee click here

To book The Setai Sea of Galilee click here



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