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Weekend brunch at Abie

Weekend brunch at Abie

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Winter this year is tougher than usual with overcast skies and rain that never stops. So when the sun finally came out we had to take advantage of the situation and have a sunny weekend brunch.  We decided to go to “Abie”. We were there for dinner when it just opened and loved the food, so when we heard that the restaurant was starting to serve brunch on the weekends, we knew we had to try.

The restaurant has an outdoor seating space, with string lights (which upgrades any space). Winter closures in restaurants are usually less inviting and less aesthetic, with no thought of design, but only exist to provide a functional solution to cold and rain. This was not the case with Abie. The place is designed in a very contemporary-New-York style, with some of the outside seating area closed, but they left a roof that can be opened when needed, so on a sunny winter day, we felt like we were outside so it was very pleasant.

In the brunch menu, for the price of the main course, you also get two side dishes, bread, and coffee. In our opinion, the prices are fair compared to what you get, because you get a lot and high quality and fresh ingredients 🙂 The side dishes are served in small bawls with bread and served as starters before the main course, making the brunch a longer and more relaxing experience. The side dishes we chose were the Labane, fava (yellow pea spread), green salad and Ikra and everything was very tasty and fresh.

The restaurant offers a non-standard brunch menu with unique dishes. We tried bacon and eggs (the bacon was actually made from swordfish – the place specializes in fish and does not serve meat), the dish was excellent and satisfying. We also tried the hash brown Jerusalem artichoke with trout, and it was very tasty! we also got scrambled eggs with crab meat and it was just excellent!

Plus, we were treated to a pecan pie dessert with ice cream that was delicious!

At Abie we found all the things we were looking for in the brunch: special and delicious food, good atmosphere, beautiful design, and excellent service, and all of that was added to a beautiful sunny day, so we couldn’t ask for more.

Abie, 16 Lincoln st. Tel Aviv. Brunch is served on Fridays 10:00-15:00



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