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A Dreamy vacation in Tel Aviv

best hotels in Tel Aviv

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We thought we knew all the places and corners in Tel Aviv, so we were really excited to discover this boutique hotel we didn’t know about. The SEA Executive Suites hotel is located right on the beach and Promenade of Tel Aviv, and it is unclear to us how we did not notice it before because it is a real gem!

There are many hotels in Tel Aviv, but most of the seaside hotels are huge and less personal hotels. Sea Executive is a boutique hotel located right on the stunning beach of Tel Aviv. The lobby is warm, inviting and eclectic, just like an upgraded living room. It’s fun to hang out there, especially during the happy hour that the hotel offers to all guests every day from 3 pm to 5 pm. The lobby also has a coffee and tea stand available to guests 24 hours a day.

We were lucky to stay in the presidential suite! As we entered we discovered a huge suite! With a table full of goodies: chocolates, sweets, beers, balloons, and more surprises! Most importantly – the first thing you see when you enter the room is the sea!

The suite has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a huge living room, a kitchen and the highlight: a sea-facing terrace with a large private pool and plenty of luxurious seating! When you enter the suite, you just don’t want to leave! As we sat on the terrace, it felt like we were sitting right on the beach!

There is also a rooftop lounge for guests to use. Yoga classes are held on the rooftop three times a week (currently held in the lobby due to the weather). The roof has plenty of luxurious seating and is simply the perfect place to relax on vacation.

At the hotel, you can find a gym and a relaxing sauna, great for the cold winter days!

After a restful sleep in the comfortable beds, we got up for breakfast. The hotel offers guests a luxurious breakfast with a buffet and a choice of a main dish from the menu. The dining room space is warm and cozy. The buffet service was perfect and everything was just delicious! In the buffet, you will find a variety of bread, all kinds of pastries, salads, granola, salmon, and sweets! In addition, you can choose one dish from the menu, eggs, a vegan dish of sweet potato, or French toast.

Sea Executive Suites hotel 1 Trumpeldor st. Tel Aviv

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