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First trip outside Tel Aviv Since Lockdown!

hiking trails in Israel

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After almost two months of lockdown in Tel Aviv, we finally got out of the city (and home!). One of our friends lives in Binyamina and we decided to visit her after some of the lockdown rules have been lifted.

After a light breakfast in her backyard (and two meters away from each other :)), we decided to take a short walk. She told us she had found a beautiful hiking trail near her home. The trail is called “The Spring Trail,” which is actually part of the Israel Trail. It’s a 2.5 km circular route in Ramat Hanadiv Park and passes through Roman bathhouse, ancient Reservoir, and a lookout of Hanadiv Valley.

The route starts at the first roundabout at the entrance to Ramat Hanadiv Park (the trail marked in blue) and ends there. You can get a map of the route at the park entrance or download it on the Park’s website. because of lack of time, we only did a part of the trail but we will definitely return there to complete it.

For more information and to download a map of the park trails, enter the Ramat Hanadiv website.

Our pictures are sure to make you want to visit there!




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