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Day trip from Tel Aviv

Day trip from Tel Aviv

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Lately, we have a strong desire to travel more, probably because we have stayed home for so long and the only trip we could do was 100 meters from home 🙂 We decided to go on a day trip not far from Tel Aviv, 50 minutes drive north.

First stop: Breakfast

We started the day with a light breakfast at “Cafe Hazvi” in the artist’s stables in Pardes Hanna Karkur.

Cafe Hazvi is a magical and relaxing place. The design is eclectic and unique and it is so nice to sit at one of the tables in the huge courtyard. (there is also a small stage for performances that probably take place in the evenings).

Cafe Hazvi, Pardes Hanna-Karkur for more details click here.

Second stop: The artists’ stables

Next to the cafe there is a complex of cute little boutique shops of independent artists. The complex is actually horse stables converted into shops.

Third and final stop: Taninim stream nature reserve

We ended the day with a short walk in the Taninim stream nature reserve not too far from our first stop. The reserve has a 1.5-mile easy walkway that passes through a Roman dam, ancient aqueduct, flour mill, and more. For more detail about the reserve click here. Keep in mind that due to the new regulations, you will need to book your entrance in advanced in his website.

We are always looking for new places so if you have any recommendations for easy day trips we would love to hear!



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