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Spa day at the Dan Caesarea hotel

Spa day at the Dan Caesarea hotel

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A lot of people ask us for a recommendation for a fun day at the spa, usually to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Last month we were at the perfect place for anyone looking to indulge in a fun day with a spouse, friends, or family.  We bought a voucher through the BuyMe app for a spa day at the Dan Caesarea Hotel that included breakfast at the hotel, 50 minutes of massage, and free entry to the spa facilities (pool, dry/wet sauna).

We started the day with breakfast at the hotel’s stunning dining room. When we visited, breakfast was served at the table (and not the buffet style, due to Corona constraints). The meal included starters (salads, cheeses, smoked salmon, and more), a main course to choose from the menu (we took a potato pancake with scrambled eggs, parmesan, and truffles), and dessert (french toast or pancakes). Everything was delicious and fresh!

After the meal, we lounged on the sunbeds by the pool and after a light swim, it was time to go to our massage appointment that was set in advance. The cozy spa is designed in a very relaxing way and while waiting for a massage you can treat yourself to tea and cookies.

Spa day at the Dan Caesarea hotel

We really enjoyed our time there and we definitely recommend Dan Caesarea if you are looking for a great spa day package for a special occasion 🙂

* The cost of the spa day package through BuyMe is 440 NIS per person.

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