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Breakfast at The White Villa Hotel Tel Aviv

White villa hotel tel aviv

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It’s always fun to find hidden treasures in Tel Aviv! That’s what happened to us when we discovered the White Villa Hotel Tel Aviv. It turns out that there is a stunning boutique hotel in the heart of the city, right next to Habima Square on Ben Zion Boulevard. The hotel resides in a building that in the distant past served as the home of a wealthy family in the 1950s. And wherever there is a hotel, there is a hotel breakfast 🙂 So obviously we went to check it out.

It was simply magical to enter through the hotel’s gate. We found a beautiful green courtyard at the end of the front steps. The breakfast area is on the entrance floor with minimalist and European design and even has a fireplace. You can also sit in the backyard, which is the option we chose on such a beautiful day.

The Breakfast costs NIS 95 and is also open to non-guests of the hotel. Breakfast includes meze with an unlimited refill, a main course choice from the menu, and drinks. The meze were really tasty and were handmade by talented chef Tom Shamir, as were the main dishes. The main dishes are very unique and non-standard, and most importantly very delicious. We ended the meal with delicious pancakes 🙂

The place was so beautiful so we asked to do a tour of the hotel. Each room was more beautiful than the other, and each one was designed differently. The rooms have a real European atmosphere. It is the perfect place for staycation. In addition, there is also a roof with tanning beds for the convenience of all guests. The place is very quiet and pastoral and surprisingly you can not hear the noise of the street.

We really recommend the White Villa Hotel’s breakfast for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, and to discover a new place 🙂

It is important to book a table in advance by contacting the hotel.

To book a room at White Villa click here.



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