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The places with the best service

List of places with best service

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You probably already know that we only publish places we’ve experienced and loved. Places we love include the whole package: good food, meticulous design, location, atmosphere, and service. Recently we have been to places that provide the whole package, but not entirely because many places are still lacking when it comes to service. It is impossible to enjoy the experience without good service, courteous and professional.

We know that we will not return to a place with poor service, and it does not matter if all the other parameters were good.

When we enter a place with impeccable service, we cannot forget it! This is the first thing we think about before recommending places. And indeed, there are several places with very high service awareness, above average.

Therefore, we decided to create a list of places where we experienced the best service in Israel, in order to give positive feedback to those places. This list includes places that have provided exceptional service, above and beyond, and we will keep adding more places where we experience excellent service. If we return to the place and the service will be changed, it will be removed from the list.



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